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Half English and half Thai, I have worked in multiple countries and am currently residing in Cambridgeshire, England.


I am a welder-fabricator previously holding the CSWIP 3.1 certification in welding inspection. I am also currently studying towards a Bachelor of science (honours) degree in Business Management and Software engineering. 

I prize structure, order and quality. I love technology and spending time learning new things, expanding my knowledge; be it reading books, listening to podcasts or research. Occasionally I play team strategy games; they are fun, and they improve cognitive flexibility. I love working in a team; you'll learn faster and achieve much more. As the saying goes: 'two heads are better than one'.

 “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

~Henry Ford

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03 Experience



Welder Fabricator

I am currently working with Wardsflex as a welder & fabricator to manufacture and supply a variety of tools, equipment and accessories globally to the water and drainage industry. Since starting in 2018, I have increased productivity and efficiency by 30% through streamlining manufacturing processes and improving the yield from raw materials.


Breckland Vehicle Specialists

On arrival, BVS was a small local garage which had recently transitioned between owners. I joined the team and started pushing the company in the right direction. I found there was an opportunity to expand the business while simultaneously repairing its branding. After negotiations with a neighbouring company; we leased the building next door and converted it into a new showroom. We expanded inventory and started marketing the company as being a modern, sophisticated retailer while still being fair on the customers' pockets.  A full transformation made including automated business systems, even a new logo and colour scheme. Between 2016 and 2018 the company had gone from selling a couple of dozen budget vehicles under £1000 to be able to have a full forecourt of cars varying up to £40,000 a vehicle. The owner had also progressed from driving a 2001 Renault Clio to buying a 2018 BMW i8.



Gridweld welding systems


MMA (Manual Metal Arc/Shielded metal arc welding) Welding plate and 24'' diameter 19mm thick pipe with cellulosic rods, BVD's and low-hydrogen rods.

Mechanised Orbital Welding
Welding 24'' diameter 19mm thick pipe using scorpion mechanised orbital bug and the CRC orbital bug.

I also assisted in the training of two other welders in becoming competent with Orbital bug welding and
Assisted in showcasing the scorpion orbital welding bug at 6G to ASME IX to international clients.


JCG Global Holdings

Office Administration Manager
Communicate with internal and external stakeholders, including company directors and government officials.

Responsible for the procurement of supplies, equipment, materials and the negotiation of prices and contracts.
Responsible for accurate and efficient bookkeeping, management of staff performance & payroll, sales administration, operational performance reporting, 
streamlining processes and systems wherever possible; Advising senior management on maximising business relationships and creating a culture of high customer service. 


John Murphy & Sons

Pipe Welder,
Pipeline Operative.

Severnside project (2015)

I had worked with the mainline welding crew on the pipeline as an operative, we managed to complete the project early through our hard work and production efficiency.

Aylesbury compressor station (2015)
Client: National Grid
Project value: £1.2m
Description of Project: Replacement of block valves and associated pipework - part of the NGAH Framework agreement.
I completed the welding qualification test in line with Project Welding Procedure and
BS EN ISO 9606-1 2013. 
(WQT - SMAW/FCAW full NDT supplemented by Manual Phased Array).
Other responsibilities included
* Ensuring adherence to company Quality Procedures and specific Project Quality Plans and Inspection and Test Plans.
* Ensuring adherence to national standards, specifications and codes of practice.


QCLNG Trunklines Project. (2013)
MPC had been contracted by QGC to construct a 281km steel water pipeline and 168km gas pipeline for the coal seam gas company. The pipeline diameters ranged from 350mm-960mm with midline isolation valves and large retention tie-ins included in the scope of works. I had worked with the mainline welding & tie-in crew throughout the project.

QCLNG Upstream Gas Gathering Project. (2012)
I had worked with the stringing crews to string out the network of single and dual 160-450mm HDPE pipelines.

Macedon Gas Pipeline Project. (2011) (with Orion Pipeline services)
I was part of the mainline welding team. Our task was to complete a 67km wet gas pipeline and a sales gas pipeline from an onshore gas plant to Dampier. Further connecting to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. We succeeded in completing the task well in advance of the plan.

Sino Iron Project (2011)

I was a member of the lower and lay tie-in crew. Our task was to complete the 96Km 30'', 32'' and 48'' water and slurry pipelines and ancillary services for MPC on their Sino Iron Project.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. ”
- Henry Ford


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